The New York Yankees connected 2Train Robotics with the Bronx Rennaissance Youth Center in April of 2018. The first efforts to introduce children as young as 5 years old to STEM occurred at the NYC regional, where kids were taken on a tour of the pits, watched games, and had the chance to speak with Dean Kamen! Since then, 2Train members have taken the 2 train up to the South Bronx to teach children all about VEX IQ, build mini robots, hold competitions amongst the kids, and present the robot to kids and their families, as seen below.

Moshab speaks about the impact of FIRST on his passion for engineering at the Journey 2 Unity demo put on by the Harlem Renaissance Youth program.

2Train members teaching Renaissance Youth students about how to control VEX robots, and how the field and game works.

2Train members work on coding and setting up the robot with groups of Renaissance Youth students.

After a hard and engaging day of learning about robots, Renaissance Youth students spend their night with 2Train cheering on the Yankees!

Students work on building their robot to compete!

Students wrap up their 3rd day at Renaissance Youth, smiles all around!