Co-Op City College Fair

Bronx – 7 October, 2017

2Train spent the day at Dreiser Loop Community Center in the Bronx to participate in Co-Op City’s 6th annual college fair. Kids of all ages test drove our robot around the gymnasium as members explained how it was built and what each part is for. Two team members were invited to present to the families the opportunities robotics and FIRST can offer. 

This year we played several robot games with the kids. We set up an obstacle course through the gym with the goal being to place a gear on the peg. We also brought out Stronghold boulders to play robo-soccer, with the kids driving the robot and the team members chasing after it. Later in the day, we held a skit including the robot for the kids to watch, ultimately joining in at the end. Team members hosted a presentation describing the importance of women in STEM, as well as the endless opportunities that come with being involved in engineering and FIRST.

Alejandro and Moshab are explaining the climbing mechanism to a group of kids

Derek and Jariel are being interviewed by two dedicated students for their school newspaper

Nicole and Phoebe are discussing the importance of Women in STEM, with Moshab driving the robot through the audience

The Makerfaire at the New York City Hall of Science

Queens – 23 September, 2017

2TrainRobotics spent a sunny Saturday with the hundreds of kids who attended the MakerFaire playing with the teams Steamworks competition robot. 2Train worked alongside team 1796 Robotigers, team 2579 Robodogs, and team 5943 Carmel Robotics. 

Members of 2Train Robotics lugged batteries, posterboards, chargers, and a robot to the New York City Hall of Science to spend the weekend introducing young minds to robots and FIRST. The teams that attended took turns placing gears on pegs and shooting fuel into the crowd. Kids lined up to drive 2Train’s robot around and work to drop gears at various locations. Members answered all sorts of questions about how one would build a robot or how to start a team, to if the robots would battle to the death.


Columbia Alumni Association

Manhattan – 11 June, 2017

2TrainRobotics was invited to attend the second annual Columbia Alumni Association Family STEM Expo at Columbia University, our sponsor and home base for all things robotics. We operated a booth and opened up an obstacle course for the kids to complete.

2TrainRobotics presented alongside many interactive booths involving dentistry, astronomy, medication, robotics, networking, and more. Astronaut Mike Massimino was this year’s guest speaker. He discussed his experiences in space and fueled many children’s aspirations to reach for the stars. After, the children flooded our booth to test drive our robot. We set up an obstacle course using boxes and cones, with the end goal being to place a gear on a peg.The kids asked how we were able to build such a big robot in just six weeks, and the parents, seeing their child’s interest, fervently asked for ways to integrate robotics into their elementary schools. We recommended starting FLL and FLLjr. teams, to work up to the robots built in FRC when the kids become high schoolers.

A young girl is driving our robot from the 2017 SteamWorks competition and getting ready to drop a gear.



Trinity Episcopal Church of Morrisania

South Bronx – 18 November, 2014

On Tuesday the 18th of November 2014, 2Train Robotics had team members from Morris High School and from Columbia Secondary School attend a charity event for Trinity Episcopal Church of Morrisania in the South Bronx.

After everyone had eaten dinner, 2Train presented two wired, remote-controlled robots to the children that were there. The children were able to have hands-on experience with the robots exploring its construction and learning the mathematics and science involved. Getting kids connected with robotics was such a rewarding experience.