2Train’s next stop was at the Armory for the New York City Regional. We made it to quarterfinals with team 2344 and 1660. While we may not have won the competition overall, we did win the Autonomous Award, and the team’s very own founder, the illustrious Gary Israel, won the Woodie Flowers Award. We had a ton of fun – not just through the amazing interactions with everyone there and the crazy match ups – but also through the unbelievable opportunity given by NYC FIRST to take over the NYC FIRST Instagram. Our media team took full advantage of the opportunity on Sunday, but even besides that we had a great time mingling with everyone.


To kickoff our games this year, 2Train competed at the Central New York Regional at SUNY Polytechnic. The team not only took the win in a fruitful alliance with Team 2791 Shaker Robotics and Team 195 CyberKnights, but spent 3 fun nights in Utica spent bonding over our mutual love for robotics. 2Train was having a tough time in qualifiers, but was picked out by the first seed alliance, due to our favorable defensive play style. Together, we played a close finals match and edged out with a regional victory! To make matters more exciting, 2Train’s very own Demetrius Weathers won Dean’s List. Overall, it was a very memorable competition for 2Train, and a worthy celebration of 20 years.


2Train Robotics was invited to compete in the Hudson Valley Rally, held by Team 5123, at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Brooklyn Campus. This offseason competition helped to get the 2Train gears going, and was a wonderful introduction to FRC for all newcomers of the team. 2Train shined throughout the competition, with our revamped robot and new drivers, and held the number 1 spot for most of the competition. By eliminations, 2Train was picked by the second seed alliance and despite losing, left a mark as one of the stronger teams at the competition. The competition was a win in our hearts, as we danced to every song played, and made sure that everyone there knew: WE ARE CRAZY ABOUT ROBOTS (and trains)

The team gets ready for the first match of the day

2Train takes charge of the scale!

Autonomous period in motion!

We don’t forget to dance to every song.

Yes, we even dance when we’re on the field.

The drive team after a long, fun competition day.