This page is solely dedicated to remembering those who were associated with our team who have sadly passed away.

Weade V. Williams-Bridges

February 10, 1983 – September 27, 2016







Weade V. Williams-Bridges was the creative force behind WVWDesigns, a graphic design firm based in New York City.

Weade’s passion and dedication for design started as a student at Community High School in Teaneck, New Jersey, where Weade knew she wanted to touch people with her art.

After attending Long Island University Brooklyn Campus and later transferring to The Art Institute of New York City, Weade used the knowledge she gained through her studies and self-teaching, to develop WVWDesigns.

Weade’s artistic style is a reflection of her personal style. From her graphic design work to painting collections, her work is filled with bright colors with a modern edge.

Weade V. Williams-Bridges has been privileged to grow up in New York City, but home will always be Liberia, West Africa. Being a New Yorker and an African woman has helped Weade become a better artist and a stronger person, which enabled her to strive to reach her full potential.

Daniel H. Cohen

August 1, 1952 – September 2, 2016