S&P Global  provides our team with financial support, and supplies us with mentors in critical areas including team organization, fundraising, public relations, game strategy, award submissions, Web site & social media, Engineering/Construction, Computer Aided Design (CAD), Programming, Electrical systems, and Pneumatic systems.



Fourteen years ago, Mr. Gary Israel asked the New York Yankees for support for our team. They first donated tickets and souvenirs, because they were unfamiliar with our team, which was new at the time. Over the years, we became more recognized, and they supported us financially. For the past twelve years, we have been honored with tickets to the stadium and access to the field. Out of all the organizations the Yankees support, we are the only ones who could use the logo freely.



The team originated at Morris High School Academy, but we didn’t have access to an engineering lab. Mr Israel contacted a dean of Columbia University to ask for support. The university offered advertisements via flyers, so other faculty members could offer their help. Bob Stark, head of the mechanical engineering lab, offered his assistance in the form of personal time and access to the university mechanical engineering lab. Over the years, Columbia University students became involved as mentors. Later on, Columbia Secondary School became a large influence on our team, with many team members coming from there. Recently, we became a Columbia club, which entitles access to other areas of the University as well.

PictureIn 2007, New York Mayor Bloomberg came to a New York City regional to offer support. His company Bloomberg , just recently became our first business connection.


Port Authority, is one of our oldest sponsors. When they first started sponsoring us, they sent multiple company employee as a mentor to aid us. One of these employees is Paul Lucien, who has been our drive coach for six years.