For our 20th anniversary we decided to have a journal that showcases many of the successes 2Train Robotics has had over those years. You don’t often see teams that have been around as long as us. Sustainability of a nonprofit requires a dedicated community. These sponsors have taken an advertisement in the 20th anniversary journal and therefore have supported the 2Train community. We cannot thank them enough for the support they have given us.

Ivy League Stationers has been apart of the Columbia University community for years. Being apart of the Columbia University community they have helped millions of students reach their goals every year. With their sponsorship donation to the team they have helped another set of students reach their goal. They offer a ton of different types of printing services, even ones you wouldn’t imagine. Any purchase at this store helps the Columbia University community along with the 2Train team that has it’s lab in Columbia University.

University Hardware & Housewares have been supporting the Columbia University for 81 years. They have also decided to sponsor 2Train robotics for it’s 20th year anniversary. As they have been the first choice for many of the Columbia University students, 2Train students, and 2Train mentors. The store is massive, they carry everything we need when working in the shop. As a team that always works in the shop, this is our go to destination for us when we need a quick fix.

Hartley Pharmacy has been apart of the Columbia University community for 72 years. This is the first pharmacy anyone will go to for any medication. For all of the students who need medication to keep up with work, this pharmacy has been supporting them for all this time. Not just that, they have also been the go to Pharmacy for 2Train. They carry everything we need from Advil to Zyrtec. We are glad to have Hartley Pharmacy sponsor us as they have been supporting us already for years with medication.