About Our Team

We are a robotics team based at Columbia University and comprised of students from both Morris High School Campus in Morrisania and students from Columbia Secondary School (CSS) in Harlem. Our team was established in 1999 at Morris High School, where teacher Gary Israel found the FIRST program to be the perfect approach to engage students and teachers in science and technology and prompt them to take a higher level of ownership in their education. In the early years of Team 395, as the team worked to build a sustainable and successful program, Gary Israel sought for a space to build and store a robot as well as engineering expertise, and his call was heard by Robert Stark at Columbia University’s Fu Foundation School of Engineering and Applied Science.

The correspondence between Morris High School and Columbia University became a deep-seated relationship that feeds the passion and motivation of 2 Train Robotics to connect the city through collaboration between many of the possibilities the city provides. The
joint efforts of the diverse strengths of students and teachers at Morris High School and Columbia Secondary School, as well as sponsoring firms throughout the city, remains a central component of the 2 Train Robotics program.

CSS students are relatively recent additions to the 2 Train family. CSS students are hoping to achieve goals similar to those of Morris and mold students to be ready to pursue an education at a STEM university and even careers in robotics and engineering. Each year, we work together to build a robot to compete in the FIRST Robotics competition.